Written By: Brian Lamont

Fun fact: SHELL was created in Charlotte, N.C. from the slang term, “Shell”. In the early 90’s, the term Shell meant being hard, fearless, crazy, wild and/or overly confident. The apparel line chose the turtle shell to feature as its mascot for the brand. The turtle shell is symbolic of determination, perseverance, strength, patience and longevity.


The clothing brand officially launched its online store in June 2019 with its mission to establish as a brand that expands multiple industries, caters to a diverse demographic, and will always subtly represent Charlotte NC. The founder was tired of plain Jane clothing and ran out of unique, cool t-shirts, hoodies, polos, and hats to wear. They used to scour eBay and vintage shops for t-shirts no one else would have. Each material is hand selected for each customer by Pompey and the SHELL creative team.


Brand Motto

SHELL™ is a multifaceted apparel brand representing individuals from all walks of life. A slang term used heavily in Charlotte and other North Carolina cities; SHELL™ is a verb/adjective used to describe individuals who are hard, tough, overly confident, wild or crazy (in a good way)! Whether you’re grinding in the streets, or in the boardroom, make sure you’re ALWAYS SHELL.



The work does not stop on social media, items from the brand has been featured at the 2019 Carolina Music Video Awards Show and is being represented nationally by 5 top entertainment influencers in the U.S. and Africa.

Take a look at some of their pieces below.

Shop the brand now by visiting www.AlwaysShell.com