Shock Nation

Season 2 of Shock Nation is now premiered and the fans are going wild. Executive Producer and Director, Kimiá Workman, shows a scripted digital web series that unpack Baltimore’s public perception and tells the story of teens growing up in the inner city who are trying to make a name for themselves within the artistic space through dance and entertainment. Season 1 showed how a girl who loses her inspiration to dance due to life circumstance such as the lack of income and the absence of her mother to drugs. Through her school’s dance team, she finds a way back to dance.

As  a preview of Season 2, it shows more of her life growing up and dig deeper into her parents relationship and her own personal love life. The vision behind the film is to show that people can have accomplished dreams. It is motivational and inspirational to those who have dreams and goals but dealing with things that may deflect them from their path.

Do not just stop here, catch up and watch all episodes. Once you are caught up on both seasons, what do you think will occur in Season 3? More drama, deaths, marriage, heartbreaks? Tell us below.


Written by: Brian Lamont