Social media outrage leads to social/community awareness.

Job ads that require no experience (shown in the picture below) are being questioned and ripped down as people make connections between sex trafficking and the 34 missing girls in Washington D.C. The public retweeted, re-posted, and shared this picture to warn families about the possibility of flyers like these being used as targets.

One word, disgusting.


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Word. #bringbackourgirls

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As the issue progressed into a social-media justice campaign, people begin to wonder why mainstream media and news outlets haven’t covered the issue yet. The viral post of the 34 African American/Hispanic missing girls led to a social media outrage and a number of speculations such as runaway cases or sadly, sex trafficking. However, it has educated families and the youth on this critical issue.

It is imperative that people of all ages second guess any job posts with:

  1. no address
  2. no existing company name
  3. outrageous salaries such as $5,200 a month that requires no experience
  4. or lack of further information on job details.

The several girls missing since March 19th remains questionable if the number of girls was accurate or not. But regardless of how many, we know that this is not acceptable and further investigation needs to be performed.

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On a lighter note, 6 girls have been found and returned to their homes according to NBC Washington.


Mashari G.