The soulful yet gritty of Mila J is life, dropping her always-cool tones over a classic track in her total tell-off single “FUCKBOY” for airwaves to feast on today.
Dropping her 213 EP back in June 2016 including my personal favorite track “Kickin’ It”, the Los Angeles native is still in motion, unloading brand new singles on a Friday.  Her raspy, soulful voice keeps me locked, wondering when I’m going to see one of her dope tracks grace the Top 100’s, Mila J is beyond worthy of her place.  I was hype to get my exclusive first listen of her newest track “FUCKBOY” in my email today.

And man, can I relate.  Having to remind a n!**a that this is not what it is, “Got me f***ed up/ Yeah, I swear this n!*** got me f***ed up!”  The one-too-many occurrences of finding yourself in situations with frauds will have you feeling just the way Mila J does on this track.

Take a listen, and tell a friend.