Singer-Songwriter NO1-NOAH Releases Debut Single “Stuck On Stupid”

NO-1 is a well known artist on twitter who makes songs similar to Partynextdoor and Travis Scott. Many people also say when they first listen to No-1 they cant tell that it’s only one person. NO-1 has been active promoting music on social media for a while now. Multiple songs later and a deal with Colombia, NO-1 continues to deliver content to his fans with his official Debut Single “Stuck On Stupid”. This new track is the first offering we get from his project Feeling In Color.

NO-1 has a large following and has over 1 million total plays on many of his tracks. “Stuck On Stupid” is on of his many stand out tracks. N0-1 says”i felt as if it perfectly captured an emotion i was feeling and opening up and a personal experience would definitely help a lot of people know they aren’t alone.

N0-1 or NOAH is a special talent that cant be compared to many young artists out right now. Only time will tell how far he will go in the music industry but from the looks of things he will fit in perfectly.

Enjoy more of NO-1’s tracks on Soundcloud and follow him on his Instagram page. Stay tuned for more new music from NO-1.