The man behind the music, DJ Louie Styles, has been behind some of the hottest mixes and events all around our Hip-Hop culture.

Styles recently got linked up with “300 Ent” when he was introduced by Kasual Kas to Def Jam’s executive Jojo Brim, taking Style’s along side of his team over at “300 Ent” called “KWL Management” and “Playbook.” With intention to keep the legacy of the new generation in music alive, Styles is grateful to be apart of the movement.

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Currently working with KWL Management rapper Polo Hayes, Styles is helping to push Hayes’ newest single featuring Rich The Kid, “F— It I’m Rich”. While building his own label up “Loyalty Above Everything”,  consisting of talented acts such as King Nell$, Abillyon, and others; Styles is determined and motivated by a lot of new projects set to drop this coming year that cannot be disclosed at this time, but are definitely worth the wait.

Many may wonder how Styles is slowly becoming one of the most recognized DJ’s to help shape modern Hip-Hop culture.

Well, three years ago, Styles released “Up Next” with Fetty Wap; to follow up, he worked on another project called “Zoo Styles.” Styles stated, “Working on these two projects established a true bond that was built off of loyalty.” His determination allows him to make power moves throughout the culture, which is what sets him apart from many other DJ’s.

This year, Styles is mainly focused on the growth of his music and having a number of projects his fans can look forward to. He mentioned his new artists having endless amounts of music ready to release this year. So, make sure to keep Styles on your radar.

And make sure to check out the interview below.

What made you get into music?

I got into music when I first discovered how ringtone sounds could be made with a Nokia phone app. I was about 10 years old when this happened, but I became infatuated with the idea of producing and mixing rhythms together which led me to where I am today. I first started as a DJ and as the years progressed I decided I wanted to get into the music industry as an influential individual to the youth. I feel like it is my duty and fait to really make an impact and contribute to what my passion is for music, so I created my own label “LAE Records” which stands for Loyatly Above Everything.

Do you have any upcoming projects that you can share with us?

I’m currently working on quite a few. One in particular is the “FIMR” record I have going on with Polo Hayes & Rich The Kid over at the KWL / Playbook enterprises. I will also be launching three EP’s this year from my artists: King Nell$ , Abillyon and Bleszt.

How do your family and friends feel about you doing music?

My friends have always supported my endeavors with music, in fact my two closest friends are partner’s in my company running the day to day operations along with me. I’ve always wanted to keep my friends close in what I do because I feel like it is best when you get to accomplish your goals with your close circle. My immediate family has also been my big supporters always cheering me on along my journey so I am very grateful for that.

Can you tell us about where you are coming from for example a story about your life before music came into it?

My grandmother actually used to run a record label with artists of Puerto Rican decent and my grandfather was very talented at playing the guitar acoustically. I felt like it was always in my blood to continue the legacy and really make an impact.

What relationship do you have with Fetty Wap and how did it all start ?

Around 2014 I had dropped a tape with a Jersey battle rap artist named “Tsu Surf”. Someone happened to leave a comment on the tape to check out a song called “Trap Queen”. I remember them saying in the comment that it was a Jersey artist that I need to start dropping music with. Right away I clicked the link to trap queen and that very moment I said to myself “this song is fire”. Maybe a week after that I reached out to Fetty Wap and told him we need to drop a mixtape. I named it “Up Next” because I honestly felt he was up next to put on for our state and for the culture. Since then he has reached high masses and I’m very proud of him. I look forward to more and more artists from Jersey reaching the same level as him.

What mark do you want to leave on the music game?

I just want to put out great music and inspire the youth. Music has saved my life by being an aid for me when I needed assistance in my life and has always been my number one passion and love. If I can inspire a kid to stay out of the streets and follow music then I’m content. Something as little as that. The main vision is to show the youth they can do it too.

What advice can you give to music artists who cant find their way yet?

Take time to sit down and realize what you want to be as an artist. Once you find your niche of what makes you who you are it’s smooth sailing from there. It doesn’t mean you will become big over night, but you will know what direction you have to go and have a proper insight as to how to get there. Always remember you need a team of loyal supporters as well. People who believe in your craft and are willing to give you the right constructive criticism when it’s needed.

Do you have anything you would like to share before we end our interview together?

Shoutout to anyone and everyone who has been a supporter since I first started my journey and anyone who is just getting in tune now. I am grateful for you. Thank-You.