We briefly got to speak with Sky Soprano about his new EP, My Name Is My Name. He explains his creative process and what this project means to him. See below to read all about it!

Do you think you’re a part of the new wave redefining the New York sound?
I believe I know how to adapt to the new styles of music but I represent my own wave of New York I’m so brooklyn.
What sounds did you want to be definitive on your project? What kinds of pictures did you want to paint?
I wanted to give people all type of sounds from trap to bounce to shaking your body to even understanding who I am as an artist and a  man of many hats. There’s nothing I can’t do.  
Since you’ve been making music how has your sound changed and what life events forced you to take your craft to a different level?
I got shot in 2016 almost lost my life
It kind of had me confuse with who to trust who to consider family like I lost hope I had to learn how to walk again shit was pretty stressful to look at my kids and smile like nothing was wrong but I turn all that pain into lyrics writing everyday. Music helped me get thru the madness.  It is my way of me  expressing my self. 
Does your creative process all happen in house? ( from the writing to the engineering process)
I could write any where depending on the mood some days  I could come up with a record faster then others or I’ll just take my time depending on what day my session is booked for, but I always like to be prepare so I keep a couple hidden written rhymes in the stash. 
A Boogie went on record saying that places like ATL are at the forefront right now when it comes to engineers, do you have any input on this?
I disagree I been dealing with my engineer for some time now and I actually would fly em out if needed it’s like having personal barber  you just don’t let anybody cut your hair. 
Find out more about Sky Soprano HERE : https://linktr.ee/artsandrhymes

Written by: @ayo_Sash