Atlanta legend and seasoned emcee Young Thug has been known as a mixtape god throughout the years, and a trap icon. With an original sound, unique style, and an influence on other current star rappers such as Lil Baby and Gunna; an album was eminent and Thugger delivers with  So Much Fun. Surprisingly and ingeniously he had J.Cole at the helm as executive producer already ascending the musical capabilities of Thugger’s sound to another level.  With features from Cole, Travis Scott, Future, 21 Savage, Lil Baby, Lil Keed, and more; this projects form top to bottom has some of the best features of any release this year.

“It ended up being about the music. I think he seen how pure and natural I saw. When I got around him, it was like ‘this song right here, this video here’ – he’d show me a video on YouTube of me chilling with my kids. It made me realize, it ain’t really the music with him. He’s trying to find honesty. He seen me as a person, as a free person. That made him start paying attention to my music. He started listening to old music from 2008, 2009, then he like ‘you gotta get back to lyrics. You be putting out music and having too much fun and playing.” – Thug on how him and J.Cole Connected


The official track list for “So Much Fun”

The Breakdown of “So Much Fun”

After the first couple of listens, I realized how Cole makes Thug feels more free sonically when it comes to flowing through beats. His flows sounds like a Lion freed from the Zoo on So Much Fun, and I must say it’s a welcomed surprise. While this album contains many amazing features, the album is about Young Thug. He doesn’t mystify listeners as he did in the early stages of his career, when he was stumbling into new flows and deliveries at an inhuman pace, but he perfected his own sound and added a depth of lyrical prowess.

Throughout the album, Thug applauds himself on his own widespread influence. Some of my favorites on the album include “Hot,” where he educates Gunna on boasting  jewelry properly over the Wheezy-produced horns. His prodigy Lil Baby, makes him a proud Atlanta uncle on “Bad Bad Bad,” with confident whims about real estate and foreign whips on par with Thugger.

Lil Keed and Thugger  share a connection in their vocal similarities, trading helium-pitched deliveries on “Big Tipper.” When Thugger dips out of his circle of influence, he’s just as comfortable, assisting Nav to list off favorite pairs of Gucci socks. Also, getting caught in a battle with Lil Uzi Vert about who wears the tightest pair of jeans. Add in a smash hit with J.Cole, and Travis Scott which featured a trio of excellent artist equivalent to LeBron’s Miami Heat team.

His natural relationship with Pierre Bourne shows throughout the project. The super-producer graces Thug four specific beats that sounds similar to Rich Homie Quan and Thugger’s old classic summer jams. It gave Thug an extra boost to drop quality music this album.

Final Verdict

Overall, after all of these years of Thugger sound being intimidated by artists all of the industry, this project shows why there is only one Young Thug.


  • Amazing Features
  • Young Thug showing polished lyrical prowess
  • Diverse track list, a song for everybody
  • Dude, Thugger and Lil Uzi Vert talking about their tight pants is comedy gold