Solange Knowles has been dropping hints for her a new album that has released today. Earlier in the week, she released snippets and photographs on of the culture of Houston native, which with incredible illusions. With having the Southern twang, she was wearing cowboy boots and beautified wigs to match the simplicity of our brown skin.

With an impressive marketing strategy with her one minute clip of what the album was expected to be, she made it clear that our “dreams” are a valuable mix, with a little Houston ratchet coming out with her friend and ending it by having a black girl magic moment with a message “Nothing Without Intention.” Just hours before it dropped, Solange released a new snippet to call – Mike Jones Who? Mike Jones! – a phone number to dial in and hear the album by pushing the numbers 1-13.

Solange brings our culture back by loving the color of our skin. Brown sugar, brown liquor and all exemplifies that from her previous album, A Seat At The Table, to where we are coming harder but stronger. With the instruments that were playing, it swiftly gives us the jazz yet r&b groove back. If you can pay attention, some of the singles and instrumentals are from previous songs that we are familiar with. The “Almelda” track automatically made me think of an old track The Dream did in the early or mid 2000 era. It gives me vibes that the record keeps being on the repeat button.

Peep the intellutal vibes below and see what she means, by When I Get Home….

Written by: @_issajasthing