With the release of her album When I Get Home, Solange has released her visual for “Almeda” featuring The Dream and Playboi Carti. This project from beginning to end sounds amazing! She represents her hometown Houston, Texas Third Ward very well. Solange also represents our brown and black skin – emphasizing that it shouldn’t matter what we are or who we are.

The video starts off as we all have seen before the album dropped, several ladies dancing and being themselves. When the track “Almeda” comes on, there was a close up of a man wearing a pearl chain on his head, zooming out. Several black Queens and Kings are taking ownership of what we made the culture, of being business owners, moguls and etc. With the different shades of black women, the texture of their natural hair, and their skin color, we cant be washed away from the Florida water.

Peep the visual and see how the diamonds shine in the dark below.

Written by: @_issajasthing