Solomonilla is staying true to his west coast roots. You must admit he west is back like never before. So much talent is coming out of the west right now. The lifestyle, production, and fashion are like no other. You can only find this vibe on the left coast. With saying that the streaming game is also evolving and so many artist have a chance of being heard. Artist Solomonilla is one of those artist that’s from the west coast and streaming well. His Spotify shows progress to his process.

Solomonilla has a new record called “Walk”. It’s a fresh breath of air and will keep your attention easily. The flow reminds me of Rome Fortune a little. Would love to hear these two on a record together. Solomonilla will bring the palm trees aura and vibe to you directly. He has a unique delivery where he drags is lingo a little. The fact that he produced the track himself is dope. Bottom line it’s nothing out like this production wise or flow. This record raw is really laid back. Feels like Wiz Khalifa when he first hit the surface. Good music to vibe out to and smoke one to. Could Solomonilla be the next big thing? Become one and meditate to Solomonilla record “Walk” below.