Born in Brooklyn, New York, raised in Newark, New Jersey, SonREEM is truly a product of the Tri-state area, However, he attributes alot of his musical upbringing to his Bajan father, Darwin, and a Jamaican mother, Monica. Coming from a Caribbean household, music was always a spark of interest.

Growing up Reem took pride in his dad’s old school record player listening to legends like Al Green, Teddy Pendergrass, and Michael Jackson. Until later forming his own personal taste for hip hop. He Then lists 50 cent, The Game, and Lil’ Wayne, as some of his older influences and Drake, Kendrick Lamar and A$ap Rocky as some of his newer ones.


While he’s long since had a love for the art form, it wasn’t until his freshman year of college at William Paterson University that he started to realize that this hobby he called “ making music” was way more than that. He knew it was time to take it more serious.. so he needed a stage name. As an Avid Dragon Ball Z fan, he always looked up to the Japanese Anime protagonist, Son Goku and figured he wanted to be the protagonist of his own journey, hence the name,sonREEM.  

Reem started to devote more time to music, but due to him failing multiple courses, he took a break from melodies, and decided to focus on graduating with his business degree which he eventually did in 2016.


I like proving to myself that the “impossible” can be done. I was born to inspire and spread love and hope , so I just wanna put faith into people’s hearts to do exactly what their purpose on earth is 

After a year in the workforce, sonREEM bounced from job to job until landing a salary position. Ultimately, he still felt like something was missing, This out right feeling Ultimately lead to him to termination from his job. After losing his only source of income. He felt as though there was nothing left to lose, so he put all his effort and time into his passion, music.
Lucky for me i was able to briefly interview the rising artist

What are some old projects you have released?


So the first song I ever dropped was a Freestyle to Bryson Tiller’s Hit Single, “Exchange,” and it got a great reception on Soundcloud so that gave me the confidence to drop my first Original song “Venus, (Yuh Yuh).


Motivation Behind Creating the track?


Honestly, I graduated from William Paterson University, and that was one of my biggest accomplishments so I was on top of the world at that time. I wanted to make a feel-good song for people to remind themselves how great they are and to believe in themselves and their process. The world is already here to knock us down so I wanted to make a fun song to uplift people when they doubt themselves.


How long did it take to create?


Between writing it at 6 in the morning after a yacht party and recording it the next day? About 2 hours all together.


Who Produced it?


MartianOnthebeat.. Go check him out


Any Features?


Not on this one


Whats Next?

I am working on an EP Called Universe VI , but we will cross that bridge when its time.

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