Sonny Digital steps out of Atlanta for a few and heads to Cali. He’s rolling grams of wax on a Bentley and the palm trees in the background look amazing. Sonny grabs Louieknows to shoot his new visual for his record “We On”. Sonny Digital is tired of being humble. He’s now ready to show the world he can be a producer and artist. The visual for “We On” is full of special effects like no other. Keeps you rewinding and looking forward from more Sonny. He takes the Bentley on a ride through the city of LA. Of course smoking backwoods like it’s no tomorrow. The visual starts with Sonny walking out his door and hoping in the drop. I guess we know what Sonny Digital is on. Sonny is starting to catch he flow and is dropping material at a rapid pace. Sonny is now signed with Atlantic and 2018 is looking like his breakout year as an artist. I believe Sonny Digital is a hit away from getting the attention he deserves.

The song is about 2 mins long. Sonny knows the recipe to create a hit. Sonny Digital faces the challenge of being a pure artist, who was known for producing. He’s up against soundcloud rapper that dye their hair a different color each day. Sonny is staying true to himself and letting the music speak for himself. Atlanta is behind Sonny Digital all the way. This summer will tell it all for Sonny. In the meantime make sure you are supporting.