Is R. Kelly’s career over?

It looks like R&B artist R. Kelly can kiss his career goodbye. The recent coverage on the Bump N’ Grind singer has been flooding headlines for some weeks in wake of Lifetimes’ documentary “Surviving R. Kelly”, where multiple women came forward accusing Kelly of sexual misconduct and physical abuse.

According to NPR, R. Kelly has been dropped by RCA records and it’s parent company Sony Music. Persistent protesters have been adamant on trying to remove Kelly’s music from the label for some time now –the hashtag #MuteRKelly was heavily used via social media to promote their campaign. The protest intensified when

“protesters delivered a petition including more than 200,000 signatures asking for RCA and its parent company, Sony Music Entertainment, to drop the singer. While RCA and Sony have not confirmed to NPR that Kelly has been dropped, he was removed early Friday from the label’s website.”

The managing director of campaigns at Color for Change, Arisha Hatch, celebrated this small victory in a recent press release. “This is a huge victory for the survivors who came forward, both in Surviving R. Kelly and before, and all young Black women, who are systematically undervalued in our society, this victory belongs to the survivors of his abuse — their brave testimonies played a critical role in pushing RCA to drop R. Kelly.” Hatch has also been an active supporter in the #MuteRKelly campaign.

It is unclear what Kelly’s camp intends to do now that they’ve potentially been removed from a respectable company like RCA/Sony music.

Written by: JustDiya