Written By: Catrina Alexandre

The world top rated urban latino artists stepped out and represented during the highly anticipated August 30 SOULFRITO music festival at Brooklyn Barclay Center. The night was packed with amazing artists who’s taking charge and making history in the urban latino music and hip hop entertainment. The night was comprised of skilled artists including Ozuna, A Boogie, Jay Crutch ,Jeremih, Myke Towers, MoMo Farruko,Gunna, Mellii, Farina, and more.

SOULFRITO is the original & largest music festival for the Urban Latino culture . The festival has been a catalyst for emerging and established artists to connect with Urban Latino culture fan base . SOULFRITO festival in the past has showcased talents like CardiB , Pitbull, Wisin Y Yandel, Bad Bunny, 50 Cent, Jaden Smith, PNB and more. The 2019 headliners did not let fans down. Fans were captivated by the energetic and passionate performances throughout the night from this year’s dopest stars.

TheRapfest had the privilege of the chatting up with some performers that night including MoMo, Justina Valentine and DonQ. TheRapfest caught up with @heresmomo She killed it as the opening act for the Soulfrito . Momo is very gifted artist ; destined for greatest in her career. Imagine being an opening act up a sold event at barclays center; most would be fearful and intimated by the roaring fans and heart pounding nerves of going onstage . However, is not MoMo. she is fearless in her career. She hypothesized the audience with rhythmic sounds and set the tone for great artists to follow her the night like Jay Critch, Lil T Jay, Duki , Ala Jaza, Guynaa, Kenn Starrz ,ArcAngel and Alex Rose.

WildnOut’s Justine Valentine showed nothing but excitement about her new ventures including releasing her new single Damn and new season of WildNOut coming out this week . She’s eager and ready to show the world her lyrical skills are more than just saying jokes for tv. Her message to her fans that night was “Do You! Have faith in yourself”. She spoke of the people who hissed words of negativity in her ear telling her to quit . The New Jersey native Justina Valentine evolution timeline consists of YoutTube viral hit “HipHop Joan Jett female emcees , working with Fetty Wap, being a regular on “WildnOut” to now dropping her new album “Favorite Vibe”.

TheRapfest’s Catrina Alexandre spoke to Atlantic Records and ABoogie right hand man DonQ right after stepping off stage to a screaming crowd of at the Barclay center. DonQ is a entertainer, gentleman and most importantly philanthropist. DonQ spoke of supplying bookbags and school supplies to kids earlier that day which to me showed a different side then what’s shown on media. He has a positive and personable temperament which explains why fans are drown to support his growth in music. Many people know of his highlights including cypher Battles and songs featuring heavy hitters such as A Boogie, 50 Cent, Chimbala, and MoneyBaggYo.

Fans are curious and eager to see what’s next for 2020 from the featured artists at Soulfrito. This year has been a testament to the importance of organic fan love and originality in construction of new music. Attending Soulfrito festival solidified the need of different genres and international artists to keep collaboratong. What if next year’s biggest tracks could mix international stars like Brazilian star IZA, NYC native Cardi B, Afro beat king Davido and country sensation Chris Lane would fans be open and excited for the new rhythms. We think the fans are ready for action.

Soulfrito festival is a energy of beautiful pride and diversity of culture and music. Fans were surprised and continuously entertained by the endless amount outstanding artists who touched the stage. Stay tuned to TheRapfest for exclusives to new music from the artists featured today and more.