Photo Credit – Pico Shaw


Jag is someone that has been putting in the groundwork over the last five-plus years, whether it has been on the mixtape scene or killing a freestyle.  The South-Central native can handle his own. During the beginning of his career, he worked with a variety of heavyweight industry producers such as Kanye West, Ricc Rude, 1500 or Nothing, The Heatmakerz, Dame Taylor, The Animal House, and THX helping to hone his craft as a battle rapper and creating music for commercialization.

In 2009, he would meet Philly native Cassidy and would continue to build a close working affiliation with his Larsiny Family label group. Later that year Cassidy would feature Jag on his Apply Pressure mixtape and gain very positive feedback also leading him to a guest appearance on Shade 45 and numerous performances.

This would prompt Jag to start releasing his own mixtapes featuring various artists. Jag would release his debut album entitled “Dalton Ave” is an 18-track project with production from Grammy Nominated Bizness Boi, and features from the likes of Childish Major, Derrick Milano, and DB Bantino to name a few.

Fast forward to the first quarter of 2018, Jag along with his former Priority Records roster mates District, Albee Al, Ras Kass’ were featured in a Sports Center Cypher during the NBA All-Star weekend in February. Also, in the first quarter, JAG made appearances on popular freestyle shows such as Sway in the morning, Statik Selektah, and Power 106’s LA Leakers.

He released his single and video to “The Kapernick Effect” in March addressing police brutality towards African Americans.

I recently had an opportunity to speak with Jag about the release of his upcoming 2700 EP later this month. In addition, he discusses some of the campaigns that he is involved with such as, Ciroc, Dope clothing line, and possible collaborations in the future.

You have your new project “2700 EP” dropping next month. Can you talk about the zone were in during the creative process?

I was just in a brand-new zone as an artist, and I was trying to master my craft. I wanted to showcase that I can compete with the top talent in hip-hop.

Earlier this year you release “The Kapernick Effect” why did you feel this was the perfect time to share with the world?

At the direction, music was headed and the events in the streets around police brutality against us as black males. I thought the timing was perfect because nobody was speaking on it and I did not want to release music where it looked like I was following other artists. I wanted to release “The Kapernick Effect” because no one was really talking about it at the time.

How do you want to use your platform to change the world going forward?

I want to use my voice to change things in the hood and let them know that I came from the same place they come from. I had to deal with the same struggles that you are enduring, but you don’t have to settle with what is presented to you. In the streets or what is being displayed on the news, you can strive for higher goals. I also want to use my platform to help kids build schools, parks, and give back to my community. We do not have all the luxuries that they have in West Los Angeles, Hollywood or the Valley in south-central our neighborhoods then branch out to the rest of the world.

You had the opportunity to work with Ty Dolla $ign and Trey Songz on this project. Can you tell us about the energy they brought in the booth as the laid their verses?

Well, Trey and I did not get the opportunity to hop in the booth this time around, but we were able to get him on the track via email and shout-outs to him for that. I knew what direction I wanted to take the song before I even sent it to him and I had a vision in my head. Working with Ty is fantastic he is a monster, and he is having the greatest year an R&B artist could have, and I believe he is the Drake of R&B right now!

Can you talk about your upcoming campaign with Ciroc?

Shout out to Ciroc we have a lot of things happening with them around a special they have coming out. The campaign will be featured on television and Ciroc will be involved in sponsoring a couple of listening sessions coming up in a couple of states. Ciroc will be highly involved in my movement moving forward, and I support the company, and they have shown me nothing but love in return.

Photo Credit – Pico Shaw

You also have an upcoming campaign with ‘Dope’ in September. What can you tell us what the public can expect from this role out?

New clothes and outfits for JAG when fans see me in Dope clothing. The partnership with Dope is a new direction that I want to head into. I think the collaboration that we have is about to be excellent. Especially, being from Los Angeles and the Dope brand has always been popping in that Fairfax and Melrose area.

This has been a great year for you thus far. You have been featured in an NBA Cypher, a couple of freestyle displays during your New York trip and at home in Los Angeles.  Out of all those experiences what has been your favorite thus far?

I like it all, but I would have to say the LA Leakers was my favorite because I was home in Los Angeles. I always wanted to showcase my talent on the radio for the world to see.

Have you thought about getting in the booth with Damian Lillard and Lonzo Ball?

I know people who work with Lonzo, and I spoke to Damian Lillard a couple of years back. That is something I would be interested in, and I know Damian Lillard respects the music. I would love to be able to work with him and Lonzo.

Do you have any desire to get into acting?

Definitely! I’m just looking for the right role that I can study for and go audition. I would love to be on film or television it doesn’t matter.

Would you be interested in being on Wild n Out?

I love Wild N Out I’m sure the money is good first off and second being on television you get great exposure. Third, if I were able to get on Wild N Out, I would be the best artist on there out of all cast members besides Justina Valentine of course.

Finally, is the 2700 Ep the only project you plan on dropping this year?

I plan on dropping an album before the year is up right around November or December. My birthday is in November, and I’d like to drop around that time of the year to give myself a beautiful birthday present. We will see where it goes!