Dre Carter

Though he travels frequently, Artist Dre Carter is a native from South Jersey where he moved to our Nations Capital to connect with like minded individuals and to build creative music. As he made a name there, he built a fan base and wrote endless singles and remixes as well as performed on the stage with some of the hottest rappers today. Furthermore reasons to why he is a 3x Nominated Best Tri-State artist.

Since he was young, he was always inspired by life experiences and his music began from circumstances that shaped him to the man he is today. Lyrically, he exemplifies truth and authenticity—very black and white.

In the next 3 years, Dre says “I  want to learn the game and take in all experiences”. Recently, he has dropped an EP titled “Sincerely Me” and working on 3 new projects in 2019, and dropped new label “KnowDhat” which also includes a clothing line.

Check out his music and Instagram here.


Post by Brian Lamont