South L.A musician, Davon Lavor’s sound sets him apart from his hometown’s music culture. Seeing as though he’s not only is a rapper, but he produces his own tracks. making him an all around creator.

He does this by blending Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B and the occasional Trap, tones to create his own lane bringing a kind of freshness to the genre.

His passionate lyrics and smooth melodies are also ones to look out for, they’ll even so much as play continuously in your head

While listening to him it is always over whelmingly clear he is speaking from the heart, most recently in his latest single “Be Friends”.

This single was inspired by a break up between with an ex, In short after an hour of being on the phone together, she told him she wanted to be friends.

Shortly after the conversation Lavor produced a beat and came up with a hook, though throughout the process he never really realized what he was  creating, He quickly recorded it, taking him  about an hour to develop

Following this Davon Lavor’s band is releasing their first EP in January called, ‘Endless Summer’ Though until then… stay tuned for Davon Lavor’s solo record dropping prior

PS, Check out this Dope Remix by Davon to YBN Nahmir “Rubbin Off The Paint”

Instagram || Twitter – @icreateshit