Awesome Nobody knows the difference between Corporate America and his passion for music.

It’s hard to fathom a lyrically skilled Hip-Hop artist that’s also a professional in corporate America. If you’re interested in seeing how the two worlds can co exist then look no further than New Jersey native, Awesome Nobody. We had a chance to sit down with the emerging artist for a Q&A and his outlook on creating music is truly unique.

Recently, Awesome Nobody put out his debut project, titled “Growth, Substance and Evolution” on iTunes. Awesome Nobody has been doing shows in the Tri-State area to build his buzz. His next show is this Wednesday, December 14th with Major Stage.  Keep an eye out for Awesome Nobody and read his interview below.

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Show Details

Weds Dec 14th at Club Pyramid (101 Ave A), presented by Major Stage. Doors open at 8pm!

1. How did you get your stage name? Its awesome.. no pun intended. 
Well…”Awesome”/ That’s just part of the name/ I give em the AWE+ the SOME/…Then back to being “AWESOME”!!! The name chose me actually….It originlly came from what other people around me was calling me. They would always say was I was doing was “AWESOME”! I’ve always been “THAT” dude…and not to sound narcissistic or conceited in any type of way. In High school I was a state champion athlete, they would call me “AWESOME”, when I went to college in Atlanta, they said that was “AWESOME”, when I graduated and went to graduate school, they said that was “AWESOME”, When I travled the entire USA then went international, they said that was “AWESOME”! So after awhile it just made sense that when I presented myself to the world, that I would be “AWESOME”! “AWESOME” is a metaphor for how great I want to be, but at the same time I still felt like how can I be any different in a world with 6 million rappers? Even as much confidence as I had, I still felt like a “NOBODY” and that was when it hit me…”AWESOMENOBODY” double entendre!

2. Out of music, you mentioned having a professional career? Tell us why you took that specific career path. 
Rap is my “PASSION”, being a corporate professional is my career! At the end of the day until my passion starts paying my bills, “I’m from the “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” tribe! I went to college and after college I went to graduate school, and I work hard and dedicate myself to my career but as an individual you have to have a hobby or something your passionate about! My day job funds my passion, which is music and performing! I’ve always rapped but was never know as a rapper, until now. I was always know for being smart and if “Schoolboy” wasn’t already taken…that might have been my stage name! Growing up we used to battle before school, at lunch and even in the bathrooms after school! I remember battling and winning so many rap battles in High School, i couldn’t walk 1 block without someone trying to battle me! I think the most rap battles I got into in 1 day was like 15 or something like that. As far as professionally being a “Microbiologist” was a long an hard road that took a lot of dedication! I did 1 or 2 rap shows in college but fell back to focus on school work and as luck would have it the majority of the people I went to college with in Atlanta are now music executive from VP of A&R’s  to Grammy Nominated producers…only bad thing about that is none of them knew I could rap because all I did was focus on school! I got into the science field because originally I was a mass communication major but always felt like I could work a little harder and get a little more results and if anything continue to make music and work in communication without a degree and that’s exactly what I’m doing now.

3. What inspires or motivates the music that you’re currently making? 
I’m inspired by any music made before the year 2000. Its not that I don’t like any music after 2000, but music in the 90’s had a different feel and sound. You got a chance to see more of the creative process behind the songs whereas now, they just put songs out. I’m very eclectic and listen to all types of music but when I started making music I wanted to “Restore the Feeling” that so many said was missing. I did song’s like “Foolz of the Iron Mic”, “Music 4 ya Brain”, and “Nobody’s the Name” that were old school hardcore hip hop tributes. It wasn’t’ until recently I started easing up and making lighter feel good music. Like anyone else, I’m inspired by Kanye, Jay-z, Nas, Biggie, Redman, Wu-tang, etc but If I had to choose a lot of the music now in 2016 that inspires me is muscians like Travis Scott and Childish Gambino new albums. I do like new artists like Nick Grant, 6lack, and Miles Chancellor to name a few, but mostly vibe out to “In my lifetime vol. 1”. A lot of people, especially outside the tri-sate are missing out on this NJ movement going on right now. NJ has some amazing artists with great songs and main stream features but no distribution. Artists like Bulletproof Belv had songs with Fetty Wap 2 years ago! Other artists like Pink Fontaine, Besoluminos, Base Bronson have been constantly putting out amazing albums and conent for the last 2 years and other groups like Trulogy and Drew the Recluse have been doing a lot of concerts up and down the NJ coast. When you ask the question of what inspires me its really the independent grind that inspire me the most, which is artists doing everything they can to be the best they can. To me this means everything and as far as I’m concerned still proves at the end day, that the only thing that separates main stream artists from unheard artists is opportunity!

4. Whats your favorite snack and why? 
I’m hooked on chex-mix bold and sour cream and onion Pringles!! I recorded an entire album eating them non stop! I also like cheddar and sour cream lays chips too…you have to be careful they can be very addictive.