Besides King Los Baltimore really hasn’t had many rappers breakout and gain much success outside of the city, but that is beginning to change and Baltimore native Tate Kobang which is an acronym for “King Of Baltimore And Nigga’s Girls” is leading the way. The rising rapper broke out into the scene in 2015 with the hit single “Bank Rolls” (Remix) a song that immediately set the city on fire. Within months of him releasing the song, he inked a deal with 300 Ent.

Tate has a smooth, bouncy, dance-friendly flow which allows him to rap on almost any type of production and I believe that is due to his heavy R&B influence.

“Method Man, Lauryn Hill. A lot of R&B influence for real, Carl Thomas, The Isley Brothers shit like that. I didn’t really listen to rap music until I started writing it.”

After dropping his Since We Here mixtape last year, he followed it up with the highly anticipated project Silent Waves which dropped earlier this year in partnership with DTLR and Under Armour.

“I have always been working with DTLR, that’s always been, family. The Under Armour situation with them being from the home team (Baltimore) it only made sense. So we said let’s do it for the hometown. They were just with it, they said they loved my music, my image. So we locked in a made it happen”

Since releasing Silent Waves Tate Kobang has been hard at work on new music. In August he dropped his new single “North North” a song that wasn’t even supposed to but maybe his next big hit. The single is currently making waves and has been receiving a lot of love from some your favorite artists in the industry.


“The record actually wasn’t supposed to happen. I was just trying to hurry up and get out the studio, but my producer said we got to do one more record before we leave. So we did it knocked that shit out. It was a mistake but it was a good mistake.”

“Dreka Gates, I got a video of her listening to my sh*t, Nelly, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys, Mr. Cheeks one of my favorite artists, he reached out, Jada, Styles & Sheek Louch. Basically, all of the people that matter in the music world, who actually contributed something are reaching out.”

Even though he released a project this year and “North North” is buzzing in the streets Tate has kept his foot on the gas pedal. He just dropped his new mixtape Tate Ko a few days ago which is arguably his best project to date. The tape finds him linking up with Deetrananda, Young Money Yawn, Swizz Beatz and more. The track with Swizz might be my favorite joint on the project as of right now.

Tate Ko is more me, it’s 100% me. It’s my vision and everything, Silent Wave was me trying to cater to the label. Now it’s just all me and I’m giving you TateKo 100% “

With Tate Ko out now and 2017 coming to and end Tate Kobang is focused on 2018 and has big plans for next year. Which include a joint EP with Baltimore rapper Deetranda who Tate says “is harder then most these rap ni**as out” building his No Flowers Brand and much more. If your unfamliar with the young Baltimore spitter it’s time to tune in, check out ‘Tate Ko’ below and lookout for more new music coming next year.

“Might f*ck around and get married. I’m just looking to grow into a better man a better artist, just progressing all around. Looking to have No Flowers established, do some touring, start my own little label to help people that I feel got the talent but don’t have the platform and keep dropping this f*cking crack rock ass music dog”