There is nothing better than a great rap origin story and in this day and age with the internet finding new rappers is just one click away. Along with that, we are able to follow artists from their first mixtape to the moment they officially sign to a label or any other milestone in their career. We have the ability to watch our favorite artist grow right in front of our eyes and I personally think it’s truly amazing.

One rapper that has an interesting story that we are watching unfold right in front of our eyes is rising Atlanta rapper Deante’ Hitchcock. If the young rapper is not on your radar already he should be. Like most people, I got hip to Deante through his videos of him freestyling in his car. Being from Atlanta his sound isn’t what you would expect especially in the climate of music that we are in today making him a breath of fresh air. A common misconception among rappers who don’t make Trap music and are from Atlanta is that they dislike it or don’t want to associate themselves with it, but that’s not the case. Well, not with Deante’ anyway.

“Crazy enough, I think there’s a lot of people that think certain rappers don’t like trap music that really love listening to it. People look at me crazy all the time when I tell them my Top 5 but I’m dead serious. My Top 5 in no particular order is Pac, Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Andre 3000, and Young Thug. Thug a big influence, Wayne of course, I be trying to out rap him in all my songs, Kilo Ali. J. Cole is my favorite rapper.”

While most people including myself got familiar with Deante’ through his freestyles, he was rapping way before that. He dropped his first mixtape 19 Summers in 2012 while attending Georgia Southern University.
He followed it up with his 2015 project Wishful Thinking and in the Summer of 2016 released his GOOD mixtape which didn’t get as much traction on the blogs as he thought.

“My partner P Dukes sat me down and told me I should wait to drop ‘GOOD’ and told me whatever you think is special about you, put a magnifying glass on that sh*t and times it by 10 and put that sh*t in peoples face. I didn’t understand what he said at first and I waited to release the tape and then I hit all the blogs, but that didn’t work. So I just hopped in the car.”

A car accident in early 2016 which ended up with his car being totaled, turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

My music is better than my freestyles🎈

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“The insurance paid for this drop-top Camaro. So I’m riding around the city flexing in this Camaro and I’m like f*ck it I’m going to do a rap video in this Camaro, and that sh*t took off. In like the first two weeks Wale reached out to me, then Charlamagne The God reached out to me a week later.”

His freestyles would eventually gain the attention of legendary record producer, manager and current President of Urban Music at RCA Records Mark Pitts. He reached out to Deante’ on Instagram shortly after he released his freestyle for the “So Gone” challenge.

“I was talking to him on Instagram for a minute and he flew us out after hearing two of the freestyles he didn’t hear any music. He heard the “So Gone” challenge and the “Black Lives Matter” freestyle.

After a few months of deliberating, he inked a deal with Mark Pitts ByStorm Entertainment/ RCA Records which is also the home to Miguel, J. Cole( Management), Luke Christopher and more. Just last month he released his So Much For Good Luck EP, his first release since signing his deal. The EP is more of a compilation containing mostly previously released material to get newer fans and people that are unfamiliar with his music hip.

“The only new thing about it was the Goldlink verse and that sh*t was crazy to, bruh was trying to out rap me on that. I was scared as hell to drop ‘So Much For Good Luck’, I thought ni**as would be on my head, but the reception has been crazy.”

With So Much For Good Luck out now Deante’ is hard at work on his new mixtape BETTER, the second part of a trilogy of mixtapes he has planned. The trilogy started with last year’s GOOD mixtape and will end with BEST which is slated to arrive after his upcoming project BETTER. This is just the start for the rising Atlanta rapper and with plans to hit the Rolling Loud stage this December he can only go up from here.

Lookout for Deante’ Hitchcock’s upcoming mixtape BETTER which he plans on dropping before the year is up, but well have to wait and see. For now, check out his So Much For Good Luck EP and check out his freestyles on Instagram while you’re at it.