In the past few years, New York rap has had a resurgence. If we are being honest, southern rap has been running the radio for quite some time with a severe lack of New York artist being played. It would leave many people to think that New York rap isn’t having the same impact it once had, but that is where you are wrong.

Even though our fellow New York rappers may not be getting radio play they are still making noise in the streets and are doing so despite the support they may or may not receive from the radio. Some people are also stuck on the fact that only boom-bap rap should be coming out of New York and that’s not the case either.

With influences coming from all over, New York rap has evolved. We still have the traditional rappers that rap on your gritty, boom-bap production, but there is also a new breed of rappers coming out of New York now. By putting New York rappers in a box and expecting them to make only “New York” sounding music, we are stunting their creativity and every time they do something different or bring a different sound we shoot it down as not being New York rather than taking it for what it is.

One rising New York rapper who is showing the versatility New York rappers have is Slayter. There is not much known about the 23-year-old Uptown rapper, but he has been making some noise and quietly building his ColdGame brand for the past 2-3 years; and is quickly growing his fanbase. He has been rapping since 5 years old and when asked how he got into rapping he says, “There’s some sh– your just born with.” Even though rap has always been a part of his life, he didn’t really start taking it seriously until about 2015.

After dropping a handful of singles that year, collaborating with Donmonique and Danny Brown, and building his buzz, he released his debut EP Dirty Game which was produced entirely by Thelonious Martin in February of 2016. What started out with Thelonious finding clients for Slayter to sell weed turned into them making a full EP. The tape showcased Slayter’s ability to paint pictures with his grimy, hard-hitting street bars, which is reminiscent of Mobb Deep, Prodigy in particular; just listen to one of the fan favorite tracks “Jesus Piece.” Don’t get it twisted though, Slayter has his own style and isn’t trying to bring back 90’s hip-hop.

After the release of Dirty Game, Slayter continued to drop singles throughout the year and returned in 2017 in a big way with having his unreleased song “Make It Feel Good” featured in Tommy Hilfiger’s Spring 2017 ad campaign with Gigi Hadid. The track found Slayter rapping on a radio-ready single and proving that the grimy spitter was more than just that. This lead to his latest project Real Ni***s Get Lonely which was released earlier this year. The mixtape is Slayter’s first full-length project and found him taking a different direction than he did with the Dirty Game EP. While Dirty Game found him rapping on more traditional New York sounding production, RNGL finds Slayter using more melodic flows, and even doing a little singing on airy, uptempo production exposing his multifaceted style.

Where only half way through the year, Slayter has already started it off with a bang. He is currently working on his next project and plans on dropping some more visuals to support RNGL throughout the year.

Learn more about the Uptown rapper in our interview below.  Get familiar.

1. Where did you get the name “Slayter” from?

Slayter was just a random nickname given to me by mans, I had a track called AC Slater when I first started recording, he just ran with that. Then when it came to taking music seriously I ran with it.

2. Who were some of your musical influences coming up?

Growing up I was listening to 50 Cent. My first two cd’s my mom copped me was ‘Get Rich Or Die Trying’ and A Daddy Yankee album that came out the same day because I asked her for it.

3. If you had to choose one track to introduce yourself to someone, what would it be and why?

“Still Me.” That’s really my life on one track, everything I said on there is all facts. I just woke up one day like let me write down how I’m feeling this exact moment.

4. Real Niggas Get Lonely is your first full-length project. How did you approach this tape differently than you did with the Dirty Game EP?

‘RNGL’ is completely different from ‘Dirty Game’, from the beat selection to how I approached every song. I dropped ‘Dirty Game ‘and felt like niggas put me in a box like grimy/ boom bap type shit like if that’s all I could do…u feel me?

So then I hit niggas with “Feeling Nobody”, shit sound like billboard top 10 music right there, took it left field from what niggas expected from me. Now niggas see me as an artist, not just a rapper. That was my goal right there. My shit on a Tommy commercial and shit now lol. No track from ‘Dirty Game’ could have been on a Tommy commercial, we all know that.

5. Your song “Make It Feel Good” was recently featured in Tommy Hilfiger’s Tommy x Gigi Spring 2017 Commercial. How did it feel to hear them using your record and are you going to drop a full version for the fans?

Fire bro. Shit, so crazy some shit my mom could brag about lol. everybody know Tommy Hilfiger and nah that shit never dropping the full length.

6. Do you and Thelonius Martin plan on releasing a sequel to Dirty Game? – That sh– was hard?

I got Dirty Game 2 done already. I’m going to leak that shit randomly one day. I’m just never “OFFICIALLY” dropping it. I’m not even gonna acknowledge the fact it dropped.

7. Now that RNGL is out, what else do you have planned for 2017?

‘RNGL’ season over. Dirty Game season over, I been working on my next project really hard. I got a lot of music man, new videos, I been working on clothes too. I was selling hoodies for 90$ and selling out so we gonna get back to that and just working on myself bro, I been wild’n the past year I had to chill out a little bit.