The rap game is full of rappers doing trap music, and in this current atmosphere of rap, LNDN DRGS is a breath of fresh air. The LA-based duo consisting of Compton rapper Jay Worthy and Vancouver producer Sean House are bringing back the Funk. Sonically, their music has been compared to the early G-Funk sounds of Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G, but while they were influenced by it, the sound that they created is unique to them. While G-Funk they usually take a sample and add heavy synthesizers their music utilizes old soul, jazz, and funk samples that are raw and uncut with the sample doing most of the work as Jay paints you a vivid picture of street life in Compton.

Their unprecedented sound caught the ear of the late A$AP Yams who gave the duo they’re first real co-sign and appeared on their first single “Uza Trikk”. Along with Yams, A-Trak also took interest in the duo which led to them signing to his Fools Gold record label in 2015, and releasing their debut album “AKTIVE”. With the album artwork done by Joe Cool, who also did the cover for Snoop Dogg’s classic album “Doggystyle” they recently collaborated with A$AP P and released their “P On The DRGS” EP that included artists that Yams had co-signed before his untimely passing.

LNDN DRGS is gearing up to drop a ton of new music this year and “P On The DRGS” is just the start. Learn more about LNDN DRGS in our interview below, roll one up, get familiar with their funky sounds and stream “AKTIVE” and “P On The DRGS.”

How did you guys meet and did you start working on music right away?

Jay Worthy- We knew each other from back in the days then kinda started working out of nowhere.

Sean House- We’ve known each other since kids, but worthy wasn’t rapping back then. Around 2012-2013 he was putting together his first tape and we did a couple songs for it. The chemistry was good so based off that decided to form the group.

LNDN DRGS is one of the best names I have heard in awhile. How did the two of you come up with the name?

Jay Worthy- That’s confidential.

Sean House- Nobody does it better™

Who were some of your musical influences growing up?

Jay Worthy- Ice cube, Spice 1, Nas, Wu-Tang for rap and a ton of Stevie wonder, Earth Wind and Fire, Bob James, Grover Washington Jr, cats like that.

Sean House- A lot of Sacramento and Bay area rappers, early Death Row stuff, Nas, AZ, and Mobb. Also really into Cti/Kudu records, Gil Scott-Heron, and anything Terry and Jimmy were on.

The two of you are bringing the funk back. What’s your process when choosing samples?

Jay Worthy- Sean and I dig through samples together sometimes. But Sean finds a lot of the sh– on his own but when I’m there we go through em together and dig.

Sean House- I’ll usually have a bunch of ones I think will work and we’ll listen to them and see whatever connects best for Worthy. Then make the beat, write the raps and record in the same session.

In 2014 the two of you collaborated with A$AP Yams. How did you first meet him and did he give you guys any advice?

Jay Worthy- He always fucked with the sound and what we were doing just told us to stay us and keep being original.

Sean House- Yams was the best, he gave us our first real co-sign when no one knew us or had heard any of the music. We owe him a lot, he really showed us that we could do our own thing and people would fuck with it.

Two years ago you guys dropped “AKTIVe”? When can we expect your sophomore album and can you tell us anything about it?

Jay Worthy- Sophomore album is already done, we putting out a series of eps first that will lead up to the sophomore album.

Sean House- We’ve got a few albums worth of new songs recorded for the follow-up, it’s tough to choose which ones won’t make it. On top of that, we’re constantly recording new material, so there will probably be a bunch of new ones that make it in there before we decide on the final tracklist.

What’s next?

Jay Worthy- Cardo x Jay Worthy x G Perico / Alchemist x Jay Worthy / Larry June x LNDN DRGS / Dj Fresh x Mitchy slick x Jay Worthy

Sean House- Getting this label going to release all these new projects and give people a taste of Worthy on some other beats besides the LNDN DRGS stuff. Later this year you’ll probably see Burnout 3, and “P On The DRGS” part 2 and a new LNDN DRGS album, there’s a lot of new shit coming.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Sean House- Shout out Shelly Gordon for finding my wallet and Ben Ludwig for the motivation and inspiration.