New rap talent is being birthed every day from all parts of this nation and abroad. We experience new music and sounds on a daily basis but as of lately, New York music and the mecca of rap sound have been making a strong comeback. With NY being at the top of the totem pole as far as the tri-state area goes, Connecticut, which has always been at the bottom, is starting their process of putting some very interesting people on the map and as a whole, on the radar. ANoyd, a Connecticut born MC, has become one of the staple people within his home state but he has also become a major name to watch for in this rap industry.

Using some of his early musical influences from his dad to other inspirations such as Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, The Lox and more, ANoyd has a sound that isn’t only distinct but demonstrates a strong sense of passion, will, determination and hunger. You gain all of these traits from the MC the moment you take a listen to his recent project, A Time And Place which debuted on iTunes at No. 15 on the hip-hop charts and No. 103 across all genres. A Time And Place showcases music from ANoyd’s personal experiences as well as experiences from his closest peers which makes the EP so relatable in many aspects. The young MC is using some major keys in creating his sound and those are storytelling, melodic hooks, clever verses and real life situations.  

Gaining a vast amount of recognition, ANoyd continues to stamp his name on every thing you can think of musically. He continues to not just tear down songs but freestyles as well. Last year, he visited Funk Flex up at Hot 97 and spit a ridiculous freestyle which made Flex state “Artists like him are the reason I love what I do.”

With so much in store for this talented MC, The RapFest had a chance to catch up with him to discuss his music, inspirations, his freestyling ability and his big plans for 2017 and beyond. Read it below. Also, check out his freestyle from Hot 97 as well as his most recent freestyle from Shade 45.

Photos taken by @TheOfficialRoyce and @AdamRamsay


Your father is a well known Reggae artist. Did his success influence you to pursue music?

ANoyd: Absolutely, In my eyes, my father is one of the most influential reggae artists ever. His impact he had on cultural reggae makes me wanna have that same type of impact on hip hop! If not the same, a heavier impact. I love my dad for all he’s done. And he tells me “Dashorn you’re going to be a legend, Jah guiding you always!!” every chance he gets. Love my dad.

Did you ever want to follow in your father’s footsteps, or did you always want to rap?

ANoyd: To be honest, I never looked at it as following his footsteps until I realized I was actually good. I started rapping the end of my freshman year of high school because my homies literally said: “Yo let’s start a rap group.”Since then I didn’t turn back. From then on I just kept going cause I fell in love with my voice through the speakers from the first song I recorded.

Besides your father who else would you say has influenced your sound and style?

ANoyd: I’m heavily influenced by the golden era of hip hop and old school R&B such as artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Mobb Deep, Wu-tang, Tribe Called Quest, Michael Jackson, Brian McKnight, Lauryn Hill but come on now, I love Dipset, G-Unit, The Lox.. sheesh, way too many to name. So many great people I’m influenced by my list goes on forever! This question deserves a whole interview hahaha.

You just released your new album A Time and A Place. What was your creative process like when putting the album together and how did it differ from Autumn In Sinsinati?

ANoyd: The creative process for ATAP was built off of being in different places in my life, going through different situations and states, turning those moments into great records. Linking up with different producers such as the legendary “Statik Selektah”, the heavyweight “Allen Ritter” who’s worked with huge names such as Drake, Rihanna, Future etc. The big homie/OG Troy Oliver, and the hometown producers “The Breed”, “DJ Santo”, and of course my brother from another mother “Ty Nitty”. Due too such heavy names the creative process was more strict on my pen. I felt like there were more eyes on me after ATAP due to more musical success so I knew I had to come with that shit to shock the listeners and keep the hype about ANoyd strong. Going into Autumn in Sinsinati, I wanted to make more of that bouncy melodic music, ATAP was more substance and real shit.

A Time and A Place sounded like a very in depth and personal project. Did you channel any of your personal experiences into that or were you more so speaking from a third party POV? 

ANoyd: It’s a fine balance of my personal life and the third person view! The great thing I love about myself is I can experience something in real life, and going into writing the song I’ll take what I experienced from it and make it into something totally different. Such as “Cardboard Box,” it was inspired off a situation with my mom, myself and a homeless couple, and I just took it too the next level to make it more visually exciting. I feel like I’m great at making people feel my emotion through my personal records and also at putting myself in someone else’s shoes and making it seem like I went through it as well.

How did it feel to showcase your skills off on Funk Flex? Were you nervous at all?

ANoyd: It felt amazing! I was nervous as all hell, I grew up watching Funk Flex freestyles after school days. So being able to watch the artists I used to listen to daily be in that same seat I was sitting in is a blessing in itself. I was actually shaking in the chair bout to piss my pants but once the beat came on and Flex said “CONNECTICUT” everything went black and I just went crazy. S/O to Flex for that, I’ll always salute him for letting a young man with not too crazy of a following come up to such a platform and do his thing.

Explain what it feels like to you to be putting Connecticut on the map as far as the music scene goes.

ANoyd: It’s a great feeling knowing I’m getting the love from the home state. I literally wake up and write every day since Day 1 of rap journey. So if you’re from CT and you’re reading this just know it’s possible with hard work, and great people/team around that believe in you and your vision, also seeing a vision for themselves in your vision. Connecticut made me who I am today and I love it to death. I want the world though. My mind thinks so colossally! I wanna be the one of the best EVER, not just where I’m from. I want to influence and motivate others to feel the same way. Aim for the world, Connecticut for life.

The creativity seems to constantly be flowing from your home state. How has that helped you and your brand? Has it influenced you in any way?

ANoyd: I’ve met some of the most talented, smartest, creative people in the world from my home state. I’m heavily influenced by my PMG team. They give me great ideas daily and guide me in taking the right steps to becoming a superstar as well as a man. I’m nothing with my family, my team, and my state! I want to take the time to tell all of y’all! I LOVE YOU more than anything, thank y’all.

What’s next for ANoyd? What’s in store for this second half of 2017 and beyond?  

ANoyd: I got some culture shifting music in the works. I plan to keep elevating and evolving as an artist! Getting better every day. I know my team will be creating new ideas to keep raising the bar, and the thing with music is you never really 100% know what’s next so just be ready! ANoyd stay ready so he don’t gotta get ready! I planned on touring the world, writing movies in the near future and also acting! Shit, I want to be an astronaut while I’m at it. I want to fit as many things in this short time that we have on earth as possible. ANoyd is here to be legendary! Much love and God bless. #BlameItOnJayZ