I don’t know what’s in the water in Atlanta but it’s creating a new generation of rappers that encompass all forms of rap and honestly I literally find a new rapper who hails from the city every day and they all sound different. There’s some serious talent coming out of Atlanta and some artists get overlooked, but that’s why we’re here to keep you abreast on the artist that don’t get the shine they deserve.

Let me introduce you to Decatur’s own JaqueBeatz who is a rapper/singer/songwriter and producer, the kid does it all. With his parents being musicians, his Dad a Bass guitar player and his mom a pianist, musicality is something that he was born with.

“I was shown a piano as a kid and from that point on I was in choir, even though I hated singing at the time. Then I got into band in elementary school and picked up the trumpet. Later on, I started picking up the guitar and any other instrument I could get in my hand, I realized its part of my DNA nothing can stop me.”

He eventually picked up producing and rapping came soon after, stating that they both go hand in hand and that he doesn’t enjoy one more than the other. After releasing a handful of mixtapes he caught the ear of fellow ATLien B.o.B and ended up inking a deal with his No Genre label.

“When the label first started, I was pretty much already running back and forth with them for about a year non stop producing. I was really getting my first taste of industry work, meeting a few celebrities, being at video shoots, really just getting the hang of things. It was like a ride along to see what the industry.”

After joining forces with B.o.B JaqueBeatz stepped back behind the boards, producing for Lecrae, Kevin Gates, Young Dro, T.I. and of course B.o.B himself. Just last month he released arguably his best project to date with ‘AUX’ which is the follow up to 2016’s Columbia. The tape showcases all of Jaquebeatz’s talents from his production, his lyrical prowess, his songwriting ability and he even flexes his vocals, singing on a few joints.

“For those that don’t know there are 30 versions of AUX and Columbia used to be one of them. It took almost 2 and 1/2 years but apparently, it was worth it. Every time I look back at all the times I wanted to release it I would be pissed if I knew this is what it would turn into.”

The project even has skits/commercials tacked on to the end of each track which he produced as well, pushing himself and proving that he can produce damn near anything. The skits will have you laughing your ass off but don’t get it twisted though it doesn’t get in the way of the music.

“It was just a great challenge at the moment seeing if I could work all these sound effects, trying to see if I could sound like a host. There are no skit tracks. I always thought about every project that comes out and has a skit for the intro or the third or fifth song. Then when you put your whole playlist on shuffle you got to worry about the skit randomly popping up. I didn’t want a skit to mess up the playlist or burden anybody.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the rising rapper and wondering which track you should listen to first, Jaquebeatz would recommend you listen to the entire project top to bottom. Personally one of my favorite tracks is the “BET Cypher” and boy does he get busy on that cut.

“The project is literally me. Track by track is a completely different personality to the same person, so by the time you get to “Prayin,” “Plug,” and “Years” you should know who I am or who I used to be.”

Check out AUX below and let us know what track you rocking with the most. With 2018 here you can expect more fire coming from the rising Atlanta artist.



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