I’m not going to begin with the habitual rhetoric of off-duty cops being within the crowds of the gang of white men holding torches and weapons as they marched the streets with chants of “Blood and soil/blood and soil,” – (Blut und Boden) refers to a racist ideology originating in Germany that focuses on ethnicity based on two factors, descent blood (of a folk) and territory; all this amid the initial absence of an enforcing police presence standing against the hateful postures of a certain type of people.

It is now Day Two of this awful scene, which all began after a protest for “Unite the Right” rally, a campaign of folks protesting the city’s decision of the removal of  Gen. Robert E. Lee’s statue in Virginia – deceased USA general known for commanding the Confederate Army in Northern Virginia during the American Civil War in 1862.  Lee represents the Confederate Flag, which in our eyes, represents the division by way of hate within this country – hate against blacks and browns.  The protest would later propel into a clear temper-tantrum for Lee supporters, leading to alt-right demonstrators, counter-protesters, white nationalists and the Black Lives Matter advocates to a clash in the streets turning the event into a race-march.

Now a state of emergency has ensued in Charlottesville, VA after violence and a slew of coonery, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe disclosed the following statement today saying, “Everyone has their right for freedom of speech, but not the right for freedom of violence.”  What exactly does that mean?  Moreover, who exactly will that stance stick to the most?

What people have to get in their heads, peace and harmony didn’t just now dissipate, or was it ever?  This isn’t something new.  These police brutality cases, the innocent being hauled off to jail serving unwarranted sentences, black men losing their youth and their minds due to a nickel-dime, single mother’s in the  projects, black sons fighting against their black brothers to prove their set – it was all an intention meant to confuse us of whom we are a descent.  Pushing us to kill ourselves or eachother; further stripping of the glory we were blessed with.  It no longer being legal to hang a black man in broad daylight with a noose, so hand him a rope to kill himself.  Transfer the hate to induce hostility within one’s cell.

Soon as you wake up and speak against what was taught as history lessons, iron crosses and Confederate flags go against the Black Lives Matter banners in the middle of Emancipation Park.  Who are we to care about a story of a General with the last name Lee whom never fought the fight that we as Americans too have to fight today?  Remove that statue and throw it away.

And when you have KKK leader David Duke sharing such remarks as, “We are going to fulfill the promises of Donald Trump. That’s what we believed in. That’s why we voted for Donald Trump, because he said he’s going to take our country back,” as to what this day represents to him.  We wonder what Donald Trump has to say in regards to this internal fight now.

What sort of thugs would he call the torch-yielding crew of alt-righters crowding the grounds of the University of Virginia campus last night, spewing disgust and antagonism into the smoke-filled air – ready to light a cross on fire?  When will this venom be put out?

But of course, we as a people know it never does as there is never nearly enough to go against the banter of evil-filled reapers.  Because if you want to take it to biblical facts, the very own bible never agrees with hate, murder, violence and disagreements.  The ultimate direction of the word is to love one another as your brother.  Jews were encouraged to love the Gentiles.

UPDATE: There has been 7 injuries and 1 death as a result of a speeding tinted Dodge Challenger slamming into another car during today’s events in Charlottesville. An act of terrorism on American soil, brought on by Americans.

Let’s chalk this up as another history lesson folks