The Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez saga now continues. For those of you who keep up with “Love & Hip-Hop,” you know these two have an extensive history together and it was not all pretty. But through all the rain, there was a little sunshine as the two have just bought in a bundle of joy together, little Bonnie Bella.

The two are now back at it as they were suppose to be having dinner May 10 at Seasons 52 Restaurant in Atlanta. According to a recent police report, Joseline got upset once Stevie tried to back out of the meeting they had planned with his lawyer. Stevie accused Joseline of being “in a hostile mood.” When he got up to leave the table, Joseline grabbed a bowl of “about 6 to 8 very hot mushrooms ready to be served and threw it at him.” It was then Stevie’s lawyer who called the cops.

There were many employees around the capture the heated moment. Apparently, many other patrons were scared away also. Stevie is now asking the court to order Joseline into anger management and psychological evaluation, something he has been asking for for quite a bit now.