Film production company, Power Move Multi Media, owned by Karif Knox has gotten into bed with 4x Grammy Award Winner & reality TV star, Stevie J. This is definitely a huge accomplishment and a great year to start off with for Stevie. We all know him best for selling over 95 million records as a songwriter/producer, as well as one of reality TV’s most talked about characters.

Karif Knox’s main mission is to get “Penthouse Pet Peeve” filmed and aired on TV; a mainstream reality show where Stevie J and Karif Knox will be touring 8 cities around the country to find the next Penthouse Pet; starting with their first stop in Las Vegas.

People, please be advised that this has nothing to do with any type of actual porn. TMZ sat down with Knox not too long ago to talk about the exclusive new reality show. Other media outlets have reached out to him as well. So I would stay tuned as this show takes over and goes down in the books as one of the hottest reality shows created.

Post By Janelle Glenn