Stone Island has one of the largest global cult followings in the apparel industry. The clothing company has been one of the best curators of high-quality garments using the best fibers and textiles known to man since the brand’s conception by the legendary Massimo Osti in 1982. Now, the legendary’s Shadow Project brand is ready to shock the world with a series of outerwear and coats inspired by what should be one of the most respected animals in the world, the beetle. Without further ado, RapFest introduces to you the Stone Island Shadow Project 10-Year Anniversary Collection.

First and foremost, the culture should educate themselves on the spiritual importance of what the beetle represents in black history. We’ve all seen the image of the beetle depicted in a lot of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and African artifacts but fail to realize its significance.

The Egyptian god, Khepri, or Ra as the Rising Sun, is often depicted as the notorious Scarab beetle [a type of dung beetle indigenous to Egypt] or Scarab beetle-headed man that was responsible for the sunrise and sunset, a representation of continuous life. The beetle was bred, respected, and carved into amulets out of precious stones as early as2345 B.C. and worn as a symbol of protection, hope, resurrection, and transformation. Not to mention, the shape of the beetle is also a representation of the cranial structure of the human head, the birthplace, the beginning and ending, and the protective casing of the universe.

Know yourself and your history.

 Now, with this the Stone Island Shadow Project 10-Year Anniversary Collection utilizing the iridescent exterior shells of the beetle as motivation for their commemorative project, design enthusiasts might be looking at one of the best collections to drop this year.

The Stone Island Shadow Project 10-Year Anniversary Collection consists of footwear with a focal point on well-layered outerwear. A plethora of three-quarter jackets, shawl-cut zipper-accessible sweaters that ditch the form-fitting apparel we’re used to seeing for a draped and loose aesthetic, while the footwear takes on a fusion of a chelsea boot and casual sneaker.

The unorthodox flank and drop pocket locations let you know that Stone Island had its consumers in mind for easy access and retrieval of belongings but, the special range Scarebeo textile that provides this collection with its iridescent color-changing glow is what will bring in casual apparel fans. The subtle iridescent inner jacket lining paneling is tastefully done while the iridescent hood-lined, iridescent front-paneled, and completely wrapped iridescent Stealth overcoat take the collection over the top as all of the pieces included also feature special commemorative 10-Year Anniversary branding as well.

As of right now, there’s no official release information available for the Stone Island Shadow Project 10-Year Anniversary Collection but this is some of the best experimental work to come out of the Italian-born camp in quite some time and we should expect to see these pieces hit Stone Island retailers in the near future. With that said, let us know if you see any cop worthy product in the Stone Island Shadow Project 10-Year Anniversary Collection and drop your thoughts on this elaborate collection in the comment section below.

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