If you are from Atlanta, or know about the city. You may know how a lot of people don’t give the Nawf the respect they deserve. The Nawf is North Atlanta, Ga its a straight shot up 85 North. It’s the out skirts of Atlanta. Some label it the suburbs, but every area has suburbs. Honestly it’s a cop-out, the Nawf is about getting money and stacking up chips. Mainly the Nawf is a Gwinnett County thing. Yes, the same county the group Migos represents consistently. STP Los is really introducing the trenches of the Nawf. Letting you know the history to the Nawf and why it’s even getting thrown up. STP Los feels it’s being misrepresented. Interesting, it’s a lot of politics in the streets of the Nawf going on right now. One thing for sure STP Los has the city behind him.

STP Los new project “Big Nawf” is really a soundtrack to this Nawfside of Atlanta movement. With support pouring in from all around. STP Los is stepping up to the plate and putting the Nawf on his back. He’s big on the Nawf and he’s letting that be known. His 11 song project breaks down the rules and regulations to the Nawf. Also lets you know how it goes down on the nawf. From kicking in doors, snitches telling, and the money that circulates around the Nawf.

The intro “Nawf” has his friend speaking on how this Nawf movement even started. And talks the progress the nawf has made of the past years. Very personal track that STP Los speaks facts on. “Buss Down” is straight stoopid. Big flexing and showing the Nawf has that black Hollywood appeal. We can grab those Rollies and bust them down. “Mind Gone” is a real track that most can relate to. Trails and tribulations are just part of life. Overall I give the project a 8/10. Keep an eye out for STP Los