Utah recording artist Cambow has been steadily growing his fanbase throughout 2017 with great single releases for new songs “Pan Out”, “Slide to the Right”, and “Dark Shade 1.5”. Capitalizing on his popularity, Cambow shares with fans his new EP, properly-titled, ‘Growth’.

‘Growth’ is a 12-track follow up to Cambow’s previous 2017 project. The project is really a reflection on his life. He wanted to talk about things that have been bothering him over the course of his life.

A little bit on Cambow, he started to pick up a little bit of internet recognition in 2017 with singles “Slide To The Right” “Pan Out” and “Dark Shades 1.5” working closely with his friends Pharoe and Bishop Gran. Cambow initially released two EPs before releasing a full-length project in January titled ‘PAiNS’.

Stream ‘Growth’ Today.