Last week, Atlanta staples Street Money Boochie & DJ Pretty Boy Tank stopped by The Progress Report for their first joint-interview since the passing of star-in-the-making Bankroll Fresh, who died due to a gunshot wound after an altercation with an old friend while outside an Atlanta studio March of last year (2016).

Speaking on previous endeavors and helping to break the careers of Travis Porter, F.L.Y (“Swag Surfin”) and of course, Bankroll Fresh, the Atlanta-base DJ (Tank) talked about hearing Bankroll’s voice through his music following his death being therapeutic and unavoidable even while trying to cope with his passing.

Boochie defines what it means to “stay down” and speaks on if he felt obligated to step into the spotlight after Bankroll Fresh passed.  While also discussing some of his projects past and presently working the music waves, and his upcoming joint tape with YFN Kay set to be titled, Young Fly Niggas With Street Money.  And they briefly talked about 7-year old Bankroll PJ, who at a young age, is totally holding his own already, coming for the game.

Looking up to all the past infrastructures like the No Limits and Cash Money’s of the world coming into the game independently, free of the industry chains and really making a difference with their movements; they also touched on their Street Money campaign, talking about embracing the love from the people and giving back, and empowering the best they can.

The current state of the Hip Hop industry being a forever hot topic, they didn’t have much to disclose, but couldn’t avoiding pushing that Bankroll Fresh’s posthumous In Bank We Trust is on the way, with appearances from Gucci Mane, Lil Yachty, Trouble, Quicktrip, Lil Boosie, and Yung Booke.  Hip Hop and violence being heavily correlated, in their words is partially stemmed from the real and fake personas behind today’s artists and dealing with contradictions of what they portray in their music.

All that and more, check out the interview below.

With thousands of unheard songs and #FreshFridays, Bankroll Fresh’s name, voice, and imprint will live forever.  Tune into #TheProgressReport every Wednesday night 9 PM via The Highly Unique Radio App.

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