NYC Stylist & Creative, Label C. (Crystal) Dixon gives us the rundown on her start in the fashion world, her favorite trends of the season, who in the industry she thinks needs to find themselves a new stylist ASAP – we can’t say we disagree with her; n more.

Get to know her.

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1.  What’s your favorite color and why?

My favorite color is purple! It is the hybrid of a high and a low Red/Blue that I have always appreciated, it is a combination of the two which in my perspective relates to my life. I am the definition of high-low, from my ability to excel in everything I put my mind to to the indecisiveness I suffer from which has been stagnant to my growth at times. 

2. What’s your creative process for dressing up clients?
I first find out what they feel at their best in. Is it denim, cargos, a dress? Something that flows easily, or something form fitting? Do they like layers and accessories? If so what kind? And overall what makes them feel confident. Confidence is a huge part of your look, it is what makes you stand out, easily recognizable, and in most times admirable! So whether they are comfortable with a heel or flat, they’re going to own what ever they have on. My number one rule is to never take someone completely out of their element, even if you’re contributing new cuts, styles and textures it should be relatable to their every day style.
3. How did you get started in fashion?
I am a master of many crafts and not very fond of capping oneself and potential! I say that, to say fashion styling is one of my many crafts and I almost enjoy it more than I do teaching runway and etiquette. But all things have a time and place and right now we’ll discuss FASHION. 
I first started in Fashion styling behind the scenes for Vie Branding. I met some really cool guys (Cus Maven & Rocko Rathon) on a set of a music video I was featuring in, and one day it dawned on me my real passion was behind the camera! Making the star shine, I introduced the concept to them and they gave me a shot. I have done editorial, commercial, runway, and personal styling. Till this day, I am very thankful for that opportunity! I transitioned into more in depth production styling, and casting, so not only was I casting the models, I was styling them as well. I then went on to become a Mens/Womens stylist for Diesel, the number one sales stylist in the 5th avenue flagship location for 4 months straight; which I was then fortunate enough to move in to their corporate office where I sold their lines to international and domestic buyers. I took this craft and transitioned it into a 32 week Intermediate curriculum which for the last 4 years I have been teaching the art of fashion as a vendor for the Department of Education. That inspired my non-profit organization Golden Thread Society Ltd. and here I am almost 6 years later as bad as I want to be! lol But in simpler terms, I got into fashion because a few people believed in my potential before I genuinely did, and said go for it! 
4. Whats your favorite trend and/or look for this season and why?
My favorite trend is any and everything exaggerated with texture, color, and personality! Coats, shoes, Accessories, everything! I am just a found believer ‘you should dress how you feel’! As of lately Ive been feeling like the more volume the better, so I have been kindly waltzing in to my office with my gigantic Pink fur that sweeps the floor. lol Some say its ridiculous, I say those people don’t matter, and never did! 
5. Who do you think needs a new stylist, and why?
Brittany Spears, Mariah Carey, Hillary Clinton (chile, those kitten heels need to be burned lol); all NBA basketball players, Meek Mill, and I am sure they’re are tons more but I don’t really think this needs much explanation. Apparently no one knows their size! If you want to grind my gears, put someone in the wrong cut and size -_- I will have so many questions that need answers.
6. Who have you worked with in the past and who did you enjoy working with the most — why?
On a styling scale I’ve worked with Velous, Astro, Super models, and a ton of international clients that visit at least twice a year for their seasonal Upgrade for the reasons of confidentiality I rather not say. But my best client is an everyday hard working woman/man who has a budget and an open mind to new fresh looks. A person is completely different when they are well dressed and aware. That is my true reward, seeing them in action in a fit I suggested for them, or they picked on their own because of our consultation.  
7. What’s your social media handle? Twitter and IG
I thinks social media is an amazing asset for marketing purposes. But like everything free, it has been extremely over saturated and over whelming in the decision making process (take it from Ms. Indecisive herself). It is a platform that’s open to everyone but only few master and I can certainly appreciate it for that alone!

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