Styles P Ends This Cipher With A Bang

The Rapfest has set itself apart from all curators by offering some of the best Hip-Hop the web has to offer through its original cipher series. The ciphers range from up and coming members of the new school like Kidd Kidd, to more established, seasoned acts like The LOX, The Rapfest is firmly dedicated to curating original material in our broader effort to continuously push the culture forward.

With that being said, and without a further adieu, The Rapfest presents you with the 12th installment of our Rapfest Cipher Series. This time around, we paired up John Depp and Chris Rivers for the first two verses of this hard hitting track, produced by Buda & Grandz. However, as impressive as these two lyricists are, their bars may have been slightly overshadowed by Styles P, who holds down the third verse and brings this track to a satisfying close.