SZA officially debuted CTRL on June 9th.

According to Hip Hop DX, the project has earned SZA her first Top 10 album on the Bill Board 200 chart. SZA’s CTRL has risen to claim the number three spot on the chart since its release earlier this month. The vocalist has released singles from CTRL such as “Love Galore” and “Broken Clocks”. Now, though, she delivers visuals for “Drew Barrymore” with a cameo from the actress.

On top of that, though, SZA sat down with Bill Board in a recently published interview and talked more about CTRL. She shares that some of her inspirations in creating CTRL were Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder. She describes CTRL as “illusion” and “fantasy”. Furthermore, SZA shares how she is finding her own sound by experimenting with her diction and melodies. The Artist also mentions favoring “strong” voices with “texture” and getting over her own anxiety about her voice. CTRL is described by SZA as “a diary entry”.

CTRL has been praised as “vulnerable” and “raw”. Furthermore, the compilation has been described by NPR as “floating into a dream”. Similarly, “Drew Barrymore” visuals certainly engulf you in SZA’s world.


Anora Blazin