T-Hood is a hit away from blowing up. He’s staying consistent no matter what. Making sure he stays focused and building a solid team to support his vision. T-Hood is in the studio every night working. Not letting up and record over 3 records a day. He has about 4 projects done. For him it’s truly about planning. With a clothing campaign in the works. T-Hood is looking to level up big time. For 2019 he decided to kick the door in. He dropped his new video for an unreleased record “Flexx God Shit”. The record is produced by Bobby Kritical and DJ Plugg. The bass is unlike no other.

The video takes place a juice bar. Rapper T-Hood acts as a cashier taking orders. But this is one employee who doesn’t follow the rules. DJ Plugg makes a guest appearance as an upset customer and steals money out of the tip jar. The video has this dope scene outside. T-Hood is eating steak and fries off a female ass butt naked. Never seen anything like this in a video. Pouring lean out of a baby bottle. The faces T-Hood makes during this scene is priceless. One thing for sure T-Hood and Spudds Mckenzie went digital in this one. Then he reacts the Joker scene from the movie Batman. When Joker is riding around hanging outside of the car. This is one video that should keep your attention. With the fact people faces are melting off. Feels like a bad trip on shrooms as you watch this visual play out.  The audio to this record isn’t out yet. T-Hood is working on a lot of new content. This video may be the best of T-Hood work so far. With label eyes watching T-Hood’s every move. The sky has no limits for T-Hood.