T-Hood is showing out and showing up. He’s dedicated to his music and he’s ready to entertain. Everything has a strategy and plan. T-Hood is putting his best foot forward. He’s about to show the world his MAFIA movement is nothing to overlook. With his Flexx God Mafia project being in its final stages of mixing. Many should be afraid of the sounds that are about to come from this project. This Flexx God Mafia sound may just change the game. The production has sounds that hasn’t hit the air waves yet. T-Hood has also been teasing his record “Tight” featuring Hoodrich Pablo Juan.

T-Hood latest visual “Itching” has heads turning. It’s something dark and gloomy about this one. It’s shot by Colt C and he added some dope effects. T-Hood is at a disclosed trap location in Atlanta. This kitchen looks like a kitchen from hell. You will see goons with choppers to T-Hood holding a Samurai sword. With so many Backwoods Russian Cream Cigars in the building. T-Hood and his MAFIA gang deserve an endorsement. T-Hood is rocking a plaid shirt with a black IT clown T-shirt. Colt did some cool effects with that shirt graphic of IT. T-Hood is a superstar and it shows. He knows how to entertain and put on a show. He has a craft to being an artist. Check it out below and support this Stone Mountain movement on the rise.