We have been following the rapper T-Hood for a while. He’s been a very interesting artist to watch. He’s developing each day in front of his audience. He has built an online presence from his online IG account. He’s consistently delivering content to his following. He talks to them, he shares his life with them. Even his IG page has went through development. He’s now at a point where his music is becoming the focus. Before it was more about his antics. Now the talent is shinning bright and better than ever. His one dread has gotten longer and it changes colors at least once a month. He’s a character for sure and he always catches the wildest things in life on his IG. With T-Hood just now approaching 20k followers on IG. His likes and views are going up big time. More engagements means more listens and plays. So far he’s conquered a lot. It’s something to be proud of.

He just released one solid project called “Zombie” in October. He felt more like celebration of the street records T-Hood has pushed. His record “Tight” featuring Hoodrich Pablo Juan has went up. As well as Mr. LA Reid loving his record “Box”. And you can’t forget about the record “Sushi”. The video was pretty much him and Cartier Ceaser in the woods doing Kung-Fu.

In September T-Hood dropped “Mafia Shit” which broke the ice. He dropped plenty of collaborations on that one. From Yung Mal to Lil Quil. He even grabbed up Guap Tarantino, MPR Tito, and Sonny Digital for a verse. Sheesh, that’s not easy to make happen. Not to add the producers that’s featured on the project.

T-Hood is back with a new video called “Seeing The Stars”. It’s directed by Colton Castles and it’s an out of space trip. I’m not sure if I’m tripping or T-Hood is tripping. But he went off in this one and it looks to be his fan favorite so far. The record is produced by Cassius Jay. You can thank me later once you watch.