Atlanta is always on the rise. So much talent comes out of that city daily. It’s like playing the lotto, you never know which artist will pop. The underground scene in Atlanta is bigger than being major. Everyone is an underdog, so the city can relate. Atlanta is about showing that southern hospitality. Giving that helping hand and not hating. Lately some of that has changed. With so many out of towners coming to the city. Atlanta is starting becoming a melting pot.

Atlanta rapper T-Hood is putting in work. I’m talking none stop, never sleeping grinding. Maybe that’s reason why he named his latest mixtape “Zombie”. Not to mention it’s hosted by DJ Plugg, DJ SR, and DJ Brannew. 3 heavy hitter dj’s coming out of Atlanta. T-Hood is fresh off releasing his “Mafia Shit” mixtape that pretty much made a major statement. T-Hood is letting his competition know. He has no time for bullshit.

This 15 song project called “Zombie” will have you playing it back to back. Makes you wonder how many song is T-Hood sitting on. He’s always repping Stone Mountain and he’s known for having one dread. His Mafia movement is on the rise and T-Hood actually has a team. Only thing missing from T-Hood is hitting these clubs and doing shows. His project “Zombie” is a soundtrack for Atlanta. T-Hood lets you know what going on in the city. T-Hood is tired of the fake jewelry and he will pull out the diamond tester. He’s working to hard to ice out his wrist watch. T-Hood has been an underdog for a while. But now support is starting to pour in. With labels hitting T-Hood line and asking him to sign. He’s steady focused on rising his stocks and adding to his Mafia team. Do you think T-Hood will sign in 2019 to a label?