VH1 recently took the old show “Hollywood Squares” and made it into a new revamped version called “Hip-Hop Squares.” And last week, the show featured Atlanta rapper T.I. and Nicki Minaj’s Ex, SB, who we all know as Safaree.

At some point or another during the show, T.I. and Lil Duval were clowning Safaree for being a “Love & Hip-Hop” cast member.  T.I. made a comment saying, “He on Love & Hip-Hop? I thought his hip-hop love had went on. I ain’t know he had a hip-hop love no mo’.” 

With laughter and chatter to follow T.I. commentsSafaree caught feelings off the comment as he stated “My dick is bigger than you so,” coming at Lil Duval, taking the show south real quick!

Rumor has it that T.I. and Safaree both have something in common. Safaree’s old ting was alledgedly T.I’s mistress at one point, Ana Montana who is actually a well known escort.  Montana was reportedly Safaree’s girlfriend from November of 2015 to around March of last year; and Ana was supposedly the reason why T.I. and Tiny were going to divorce, however, that was never confirmed.

And we all know Safaree catches feelings quite fast.

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