Yesterday, Funk Flex went on Facebook Live to speak on Tupac and Biggie. In the video, Flex compared Pac to Cheddar Bob, the 8 Mile character who shot himself in the leg. He said Pac “Came in there, popped himself in the leg,” He was referring to the 1994 shooting and robbery at Quad Recording Studios.  Flex went on to say he “Popped himself first. That’s what happened.” He claimed that 2Pac “panicked, pulled out the steel, shot himself.”


Grand Hustle rapper, T.I. chimed in to speak on the opinion saying, “Yo @funkflex Respectfully Bruh… on G-Code…. regardless of what YOU THINK the validity of your statement is, I was taught never to speak down on a dead man. Considering they ain’t here to speak up for themselves. When he was alive, you was on da air then…. that was the time to address this. NOT HERE, NOT NOW, NOT LIKE THIS!!! And I’d say the same to a nigga from LA speaking on BIG.”


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