Just a few days ago Dallas rapper T.Y.E shared the visuals to his new track, “Kalashnikov” and today he is already back with another one. He revisits his incredible debut album 32 and drops the official video for “A**hole.”

“Some of those elements in the song are telling you how much of an asshole I am,” Harris says, referring to an immature and disgusting insult directed at an ex in the song, “and some are telling you how much I’m not … sometimes, after a while, being called an asshole, you get to going, ok, maybe I am an asshole, and you try to accept it, but then it comes back to haunt you, like in the video.”

The DanceDailey directed clip is inspired by the movie ‘Fight Club’ and follows T.Y.E as he walks down the street being an “asshole” to everyone he comes across as he as an inner monolgue with himself. The clip ends with T.Y.E getting stone cold stunnered and jumped by everyone he wronged on his journey.

Check it out below.