With the summer season officially here, Scooter Boo Maxwell brings us those positive vibes with his latest single “Summertime Fine”.

Growing up in Memphis, TN, Scooter immersed himself into music at a young age with a diverse taste in music which is evident in this release.  Such influences include everyone from B.B. King and Al Green to Three 6 Mafia and Yo Gotti.  His East Coast flow combined with Southern slang combine to lead an interesting story of growing up and eventually making it out of the hood.

“Summertime Fine” samples DJ Jazzy Jeff and Will Smith’s 1991 classic “Summertime” and gives the feel-good track a modern twist.  The song originally came out when there was no social media and the Internet wasn’t a thing yet.  So Scooter Boo Maxwell encompasses the current social media climate of how women like to portray themselves on these platforms like Instagram and Snapchat.  At the same time though, the song also incorporates the hustlers version of getting right for the summer in order to hit these pool parties, block parties, and all those summer BBQ’s.

Scooter told The Rapfest, “I wanted to have the bounce that can be felt in the club or just casually on the radio, but also sprinkle some gems of reality that I have experienced.  At the end of the day I just wanted to catch people’s attention by giving them the perfect soundtrack to enjoy themselves positively.”

Check out “Summertime Fine” below.