Baltimore’s own, and incredibly talented hitmaker, Tate Kobang strikes in a major way this week with his highly anticipated new single “Fentanyl.” A few months back, Tate put out a video clip of him singing and dancing to his, at the time, unreleased single and soon after it went viral on IGTV. That same week, Tate had another viral video on Twitter and from that point on, fans have been beating him down to release this catchy new banger.

As most know, Fentanyl is an incredibly dangerous and deadly drug that has infiltrated several inner cities and caused more problems than some could imagine. Being from Baltimore, a drug-ridden city, Tate felt the need to shed light on this issue and make it clear that change is imminent. Tate and his team are currently preparing a powerful visual to go along with this single, as well as a short documentary that’ll further explain everything related to this single.

Until the video is ready, take a listen to Tate Kobang’s hard-hitting new single “Fentanyl” out now!