On Tuesday, Troy Ave said he was set to sign a deal with TDE, he quoted, “The whole shit just fell through.” Troy says Kendrick Lamar gave him a ton of encouragement while he was behind bars. He said a few days after speaking with him, he decided to sign with the label.  “Yo, put the plan in action, man,” he recalls saying to his manager. “We gonna go out West when I come home and we gonna sign with TD.”

Troy went into on what he says happened saying, “I always liked what they was doing. They kinda independent like us, but way bigger because they went and got with a major. They got shit that I like to see, like loyalty and unity, that type of shit. Cool. I give [Hovain] the whole play. Of course, he can’t make that happen at all. At all. He doesn’t make it happen. The whole shit just fell through.”

TDE CEO, Top Dawg says this is FALSE. Via Twitter, he stated, “4 the record… I’ve never had a convo with Troy ave or any 1 in his camp.. neither has KDot.. yesterdays story was fake news… .”



After being bombarded with calls and texts, Top Dawg says, “There’s your answer…Now everybody kan stop calling and emailing me asking if it true…”

There we have it folks. Troy Ave will NOT be joining TDE.