Written By: Cindy Cummings

Latest Tech To Take Your Rap Music Experience To The Next Level

The love for rap music is becoming more global by the day. Thanks to the likes of popular Australian rap group, OneFour recently dropping the visuals for their new song, ‘Ladz in the Hood.’  Within 24 hours it had nearly 400,000 views on YouTube, quickly becoming the top trending video on the platform. Meanwhile, in the United States, rap has overtaken rock as the most popular music genre, according to USA Today, and fans are doing everything they can to enhance their overall rap-listening experience. Thanks to new technological advances, listening to your favorite rap music is definitely more enjoyable than ever before. Not only are smartphones now boasting state-of-the art speakers, but earphones and smart appliances are also rendering increasingly better sound quality.

Smartphone music capabilities are on another level

In a world where music downloads and streaming is fast becoming more popular than CD sales, having a top-of-the-range phone for music is undoubtedly a huge benefit. One of the best music phones to have this year is, without a doubt, the Google Pixel 2 XL. Not only sports superb sound, but has incredible software optimization as well. The top-quality stereo front speakers produce a loud yet clear and deep sound. The noise suppression feature makes it a good audio-recording tool as well. If you are looking to rock the room with loud music, the Samsung Galaxy S9 may be the phone for you. Dolby Atmos surround sound and AKG-tuned earbuds are a great choice. Especially if you want to be fully immersed in the sounds of Eminem, Logic,or Post Malone.


Quality headphones for quality music

The latest in headphone technology is making it possible to listen to your favorite Juice WRLD and Travis Scott tracks without causing a disturbance around you. The market is inundated with a wide variety of outstanding headphones. Ranging from the Jaybird X4 earbuds to the Sennheiser HD 650. Offering one of the best immersive experiences currently available. If you can get your hands on any of the Qantas noise cancelling headphones, you can be assured of top-quality, undisturbed listening pleasure, courtesy of some of the most renowned headphone manufacturers in the world.

Smart speakers pave the way to the future

Smart technology is taking the world by storm, with smart speakers being particularly popular with music lovers. There are countless speakers on the market with a few standing out as far as rendering a fantastic rap music experience is concerned. The Alexa-enabled Sonos, for example, boasts incredible sound quality. Also, it connects to more than one hundred audio streaming services from around the world. If you are looking for a smart speaker that is more portable, consider investing in the JBL Link 20. It offers a loud, rich sound. Apart from the superb audio quality, the JBL is also waterproof, and it floats, making it the ideal sound source for your rap-inspired pool party.

If you want to enjoy rap music to the fullest, you need to be willing to embrace the latest audio technology on the market. While you can, technically, continue to play your rap CD collection on your outdated laptop.  Investing in a quality smartphone or speaker will definitely take your listening experience to the next level.

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