If you aren’t familiar with THE Teddy Riley, the tip of the iceberg is just knowing that he’s a LEGEND. Riley is known for working with practically every impactful artist since the 80’s: Wreckx-N-Effects, Guy, Blackstreet, Bobby Brown, and even Michael Jackson. He is also known as being the architect of the New Jack Swing sound that was popular in the 80’s and early 90’s.

Earlier this month, Riley spoke at the Red Bull Music Academy to talk about his transcendence in the music industry, his impact on music, and his work with Michael Jackson, along with other things.

Overall, Riley’s influence in multiple genres of music is immenent. Okayplayer.com has even created a playlist showcasing some of the most successful and popular songs produced by Riley.

Teddy Riley is truly a genius. Music connoisseurs and music fans alike, take notes. Check it out below. Also, peep the ill playlist HERE.