Tekashi Snitch-9ine

Just when you thought this year couldn’t get any weirder, the latest craze might be hitting this Halloween.

We all know Halloween is a time to either dress as the latest trend or take a chance and really go all out. Of course there are always a handful of people who don costumes every Halloween Season that just aren’t. P.C., but does this fall under that category?

One of the latest trending topics subject to the meme culture we live in, is Tekashi and his ongoing trial. He has been dropping more than a few names so far. This has led to the countless memes across social media.

While this Amazon ad is a fake, it didn’t matter to the internet. It went viral.

We’re sure there will be a hundreds of people who actually go out of their way to make this costume happen. In the meantime this looks like it is the latest addition to the teasing.


..Or so we thought. There is a little boy actually dressed up ahead of time. What do you think?

We have a feeling there will be more little kids walking around than adults carrying on this joke.


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