Texas rapper Billie Band$ has his audience asking. Will you drop any more music on soundcloud? The answer Billie is giving is, no. He’s making sure his supporters start to stream his music. Smart move for boss like Billie Band$. He’s not a rookie to the music game. Billie is making sure the world understands he’s a business man. He’s might of just booked one of your favorite rappers for one of his events. Just stating raw facts, it’s bigger than music with Billie Band$. He’s a Texas boy and they do everything big in Texas.

Billie Band$ low-key has a hit on his hands. A lot are comparing the record to Blac Yougsta record “Booty” record. The beat and the vibe does give you that aura. It’s not a bad comparison but the record has that influence but with some Texas heat. The fresh drip from this record called “Cash On Me” will have you waiting for the video. Hopefully Billie Band$ drops that soon. This record may just become your local stripper favorite song. Billie talks nothing but cash and he’s focus to rising to the top. Will 2018 be Billie Band$ breakout year? We all are watching to see!