Prior to watching the ” Your Gonna Love Me” video I had all expectations that it would be a well-done video, but I had no idea it would be such a tearjerker. Teyana has done a great job thus far in her career keeping her intimate moments private; but this video definitely gives you a glimpse into her musical journey during KTSE, as well as her personal life with her pregnancy, engagement and marriage.


Teyana has often been very misunderstood, however while you’re watching the video it almost feels like she’s introducing us to her and who she is now; and telling us this is what it is good bad and ugly this is my journey. So are you going to love me? And yes Tey we are. we’re so here for it!


This video was very humanizing and well put together. It’s very inspiring to watch her glow and bask in the love of her child, husband and music career. At a time where realness and vulnerability is in high demand Teyana definitely hit nail right on the head, this video was all of that and more.  As always we want you to see for yourselves so click here to watch the video.


Written by: Spice

Instagram : @Embracing__Essence